Welcome to West Wycombe Preschool

    200 Mile Walk

    During this pandemic, our Committee has had to cancel alot of our fund-raising events. Like most early years fee and government funding doesn’t cover all the costs we need to run a Preschool. 

    Autumn Term we raised £2500, sadly spring and summer term we haven’t raised anywhere near that.

    Who will be doing it?
    We are joining together as a Preschool to walk 200 miles. We are asking our families, staff and committee, to use their daily exercise to go for a walk as a household (following Government Guidelines on daily exercise). They will be logging how far they walk through mobile apps.

    Virtual Walk
    Fun part is, we will be turning these real miles they are walking into a virtual walk for the kids to learn about famous English landmarks. We will be logging on our map where their combined miles have taken them. We will be taking in sites of Windsor Castle, Stone Henge, Roman Baths, Cotswold Wildlife Park and Bleheim Palace.

    We would love to raise £1000 for Preschool

    Miles left
    How much have we raised so far?
    £ 0
    Updated every evening. Thank you those donated

    How far have our miles got on our Virtual Tour?

    We will be starting our walks on Saturday 23rd May 2020. 

    Our families walk will be combined and measured on our Virtual Walking Tour.

    Friday 29th May – We have walked 21.5 Miles, which means we have made our first target of Windsor Castle!

    To download our activity pack click here

    Friday 12th June – We have walked 63.85 Miles which means we are just 19 miles from Stonehenge. We have raised £400.Nearly half way to our target. 

    Tuesday 16th – We have walked 87.3 miles. Equillvant of walking from West Wycombe Preschool to Stonehenge via Windsor Castle!

    To download our activity pack click here

    Thursday 25th June – We have walked 130.26 miles

    Equillvant of walking

    West Wycombe Preschool to Bath, Roman baths via Windsor Castle and Stonehenge!

    Sunday 5th July – We have walked 165.6 miles

    Equillvant of walking

    West Wycombe Preschool to Cotswold Wildlife Park via Bath, Roman baths Windsor Castle and Stonehenge!

    Finishing Line – West Wycombe Preschool

    Wednesday 15th July – We finished our 200 miles. Thank you to all our families for walking and huge Thank you to all of you that sponsored us

    Photo Gallery

    Here are some photos of our families doing their walks. We are following strict government guidelines on daily excersise.