This half term we have enjoyed making vegetable and cheese muffins. We have learnt to chop, whisk, measure and grate our ingredients. See our recipe below to try them at home yourselves.


250g grated cheese

2 cups of self-raising flour

2 eggs

1 ½ cups of milk

1 small can of sweetcorn

1 large handful of spinach

½ red pepper

Salt and pepper

A few fresh basil leaves



Pre-heat oven to 180C (356F)

Sift flour in to a large bowel

Whisk eggs and add pepper, spinach and basil

Make a well in the flour, add all of the ingredients and mix until combined

Spoon mixture in to a greased muffin tray and bake for 25 minutes until golden brown.

Makes 14 regular muffins or 12 large ones