Welcome to West Wycombe Pre-School!

We hope that your child will be very happy here, and that you will be happy with the care and education your child receives.

We are a committee led Pre-school, which means that we are run by you, the parents, and we cannot exist without your input; so be prepared to get involved.

The committee is currently made up of parents

Meet your committee

Susie Chester

Elected Sept 19
I attended West Wycombe Preschool in the 1980s and I am passionate about our Preschool and our wonderful community

When I was a child...
I wanted to be a lorry driver

Ellen Carter

Elected Sept 19

Longtime resident of West Wycombe. I attended this preschool and school. I enjoy numbers

When I was a child...
I enjoyed rolling down West Wycombe hill

Helen Porter-Durrans

Elected Sept 19

I moved to High Wycombe as a teenage from London and have fallen in love with West Wycombe ever since. The committee is wonderful way to engage with the community and feel at home.

When I was child...

I wanted to be a supermodel

Gemma Gillies
Safe guarding officer

Elected Sept 19

I live just down the road in Piddington. When I’m not having babies I’m a counsellor. I love being part of the committee as it helps me connect with our wonderful community and support this fabulous setting.

When I was a child...

I wanted to be the first girl Ghostbuster

Karen House
Fire Officer

Elected Sept 1

I moved to West Wycombe in 2014 and love everything about our village.    Our preschool is very special and gave my oldest son such a fantastic start.   Being part of the committee is a fabulous way of being involved in the preschool and a fantastic way of making new friends.

When I was a child ...
I wanted to be a air hostess
Natasha Rever

Elected Sept 18

Steph Dow

Elected Sept 17

I moved to High Wycombe in 2003 and absolutely love being a part of the West Wycombe community. I have had four children and a step child go through the Pre-school, all have loved their time here and learnt so much from the fantastic staff. I’ve met some truely outstanding and wonderful people through being part of the committee and I feel very passionately about supporting this setting as much as I am able.

When I was a child ...

I wanted to be a nurse but most importantly to me, a mother. One of those I’ve achieved!


Elected Sept 19

Toni- Jade Gill


13 January 2020

21 October 2019

7th October 2019

AGM 30th Sept

16th September 2019