Welcome to West Wycombe Preschool


    Welcome to West Wycombe Pre-School!

    We hope that your child will be very happy here, and that you will be happy with the care and education your child receives.

    We are a committee led Pre-school, which means that we are run by you, the parents, and we cannot exist without your input; so be prepared to get involved.

    The committee is currently made up of parents

    Meet your committee

    Susie Chester
    Chair/Safe Guarding Officer

    Elected Sept 19
    I am passionate about our Preschool and our wonderful community. I am freelance Graphic Designer with 3 children. I have interest in Music and Creativity

    Child at WW Preschool - 1980s

    Parent at WW Preschool - 2016 - 2022

    When I was a child...
    I wanted to be a lorry driver

    Jacob Jull

    Elected Nov 21

    Kate Diston
    Joint Secretary

    Elected Nov 22

    Jon Hale

    Elected Oct 23

    Hannah Jacques

    Elected Oct 23

    Jodie Lewis

    Elected Oct 23

    Alessandra Frigerio

    Elected Oct 23

    Katherine Baynard
    Melanie Hastings

    Elected Nov 23


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