Welcome to West Wycombe Preschool


I cannot express how impressed I have been with WWPS. Even though XXXX has only been with you for a couple of months we are overwhelmed by how much she has developed already. We love hearing her talk about all the games and activities she has done at ‘Rosie’s Pre-school’. It is clear to see that every member of staff is very passionate about their work & committed to giving the children the best start they can. The time and dedication put into running the pre-school and the planning of activates every single day never goes unnoticed. XXXX is having endless fun whilst learning at a rate that never ceases to amaze us. We also love how the pre-school is a key part of the village and the children’s relationship to the community is developed through the arranged outings and visits. We are extremely grateful for all that you do and we’re so pleased to have found such a perfect setting for XXXX. March 2020

 The Teachers of WWPS are conscientious, caring and most of all lots of fun! March 2020

 Our twins have taken a little longer then expected to settle into preschool, however the staff have been extremely supportive. Constantly reminding us that the kids will be Ok and helping us all the way through. This is an excellent pre-school and staff team. March 2020

 My daughter enjoys pre-school and looks forward to going every day! She is happy and has grown in confidence since she started going. March 2020

 WW Pre-school and all the staff have been absolutely amazing with helping my child to settle in. She has been incredibly nervous and anxious about me leaving her but thanks to everyone’s patience and friendliness we are slowly getting there. They would even give me a quick call after I had left to let me know she was fine which was very reassuring. November 2019

 XXXX has nearly completed her first term at pre-school and so far she has loved it! As a parent I have felt completely supported by her keyworker and it makes me feel reassured that there is someone I can speak to anytime about any concerns with her development. November 2019

 We moved areas and our little girl moved from a childminder into a pre-school environment at West Wycombe. She always has a smile on her face and enjoys telling us about the many things she has done during the day. There are great opportunities for the children inside and out as well as going off site for walks. As parents of a 3 year old our concern is that she is cared for and has fun. These are 100% covered by WW pre-school. In addition to our requirements they do a fantastic job at introducing reading, writing and maths ready for school. November 2019

 Having sent my two children to WW pre-school I can safely say that it is like a home away from home. I find the pre-school staff to be gentle, warm and nurturing and this is reflected throughout the pre-school. Communication with parents is extremely impressive, ranging from the weekly emails to the offer of stay and play sessions. Their door is always open for a chat and any concerns are always addressed immediately. My child is happy and loves the wide range of activities on offer each day. WW pre-school is like a little gem in a beautiful village. November 2019

“We are forever grateful for the foundation of learning you have given xxxx. We have watched her grow & develop & been amazed by the learning opportunities you provide week in week out. All of the staff are warm, welcoming & passionate about what they do. Any child in your care is extremely lucky. Thank yo for putting the spring back into xxxx’s pre-school steps. Keep doing what you are doing” July 2019

” Choosing a pre-school & handing over our most precious things in the world is not easy, but from the moment xxxx started we knew she would thrive. The love, care & dedication the staff have shown to both of our children will forever be remembered. xxxx has grown into an inquisitive, kind & adventurous child, with the continues support of you all. Thank you for providing the best possible start to the children in you care”  – July 2019

“Rosie, thank you for your wonderful help & leadership of the pre-school. It is a wonderful place” July 2019

I can not put into words how happy & grateful that I chose xxxx to come to wwps. From the tiny, shy little 2 year old who wouldn’t leave my side to the confident, funny, amazing 4 year old he is now” July 2019

“Thank you for taking such good care of xxxx this past year. You have helped her develop in many ways. xxxx fondly refers to pre-school as ‘Rosie’s school’ & is alwyas excited to tell us what she has been up to. You all are a very caring, passionate & hardworking team. We are sad for this chapter to end but are looking forward to seeing her grow even more in big school. You have made such a fantastic impact on her.” July 2019

“Thank you for creating such a special place the xxxx can’t wait to get to everyday” July 2019

“A big thank you for being the best pre-school teachers” July 2019

” I would like to thank you all for welcoming my daughter xxxx into your pre-school. It has been amazing to watch her show so much excitement when I say ‘It’s nursery day’ We truly appreciate all the work you put in & are very much looking forward to spending the next academic year with you”  July 2019

“xxxx has grown in confidence & knowledge thanks to a such wonderful pre-school is now ready for school. You are all brilliant. Keep doing what you do!” July 2019

“We cannot begin to thank each &every one of you for everything you have done for our 3 children over the years. You have provided so much more than a pre-school. You have given us peace of mind that whilst our children are learning they are loved & nurtured & seen as the individuals they are. I know xxxx will miss coming to ‘Sarah’s school!” July 2019

“It doesn’t seem that long ago we were dropping an apprehensive toddler at pre-school, with occasional tears at the door. Now, thanks to all of your support xxxx is a confident boy both at pre-school & in other situations. The work you all put into ensure that the children thrive is outstanding & we are all saddened that xxxx’s time with you has come to an end” July 2019

“West Wycombe Pre-school has put the love of learning in to my child. She skips in to the pre-school every session and comes out buzzing about the experiences and opportunities she has had there. It is a welcoming and stimulating environment where my child feels safe. The staff are all wonderful with children and go above and beyond in their care for the children and inspire their learning” – February 2019

“Rosie and her team have been fabulous with our daughter. She has learnt lots in such a short space of time. This is testament to their diligence and strong team work. A fabulous pre-school that our daughter absolutely loves, as we do. 10/10, would highly recommend to all.” – February 2019

“West Wycombe Pre-school is a delightful setting. My second child is growing and developing beautifully under the teachers guidance. One of my favourite things about the pre-school is how hard the team work to get the children ‘school ready’ through dressing independently, their confidence as well as number recognition and phonics.” – February 2019

“A wonderfully traditional pre-school with experienced staff that ensure the children have the greatest fun in a safe and loving environment. This has helped my child develop and flourish before the transition to big school. I would highly recommend West Wycombe Pre-school to any parent.” – November 2018

“West Wycombe Pre-school is a wonderful early years setting. My child loves every session and is disappointed when she doesn’t go! All of the staff are warm and caring, its very clear to see they love the children and enjoy what they do. I would recommend West Wycombe Pre-school 100%” – January 2019

“I’m afraid I don’t have any suggestions for how you could improve because my son is so insanely happy at West Wycombe Pre-school! All the staff are wonderful and truly care for each child. I will be heartbroken when my son is old enough to go to big school as I know he will miss everyone.” – March 2019

“I couldn’t be happier with how well XXXX has settled into pre-school. The staff are so warm and welcoming and are always there to chat to at the door at drop off and pick up. The range of activities is fantastic and means my daughter is excited to go in each day.” – February 2019

“My son and daughter have both been part of West Wycombe Pre-school and have thoroughly enjoyed their time there and bonded with their key person. The staff are a lovely and caring group who I trust totally with my children and always go the extra mile for the children. We will miss you all very much.” – June 2018

“A friendly setting where children seemingly thrive – my little one runs in happily without looking back which I believe is testament to how happy he is and how comfortable the staff make him feel. A real home from home environment.” – March 2019

“We have enjoyed every second at West Wycombe Pre-school. The staff are amazing and so warm and welcoming. I would highly recommend that you go and take a look and see for yourself. I looked at about 7 pre-schools and West Wycombe stood out by miles! Its beautiful and so magical for my daughter.” – June 2018

“We really look forward to receiving your weekly emails and love hearing about all the exciting things you have planned for the next week. Our son is very settled and happy at West Wycombe Pre-school. All of the staff are fantastic and have made the transition from being home to Pre-school an easy and exciting time. We think you are all amazing, thank you.” – November 2018