Princess At Play!

Every princess needs some down time & this shot shows just that. We are open to all children accessing all our resources, dolls are for both boys & girls as are the bikes, cars & train tracks. Using imagination, hand-eye co-ordination & design, the track that was finally created was amazing.

World Book Day

After the snow stopped us celebrating World Book Day, we changed the date, popped on our dressing up costumes & had a wonderful day. Surrounded by fantastic stories, predicting & changing the story endings & sharing our favourite stories, we had a great day.

Hatching at Pre-School

Such excitement as the children arrived every morning to see how our little fluffy friends were getting on. Handling them took  gentle hands & a quiet atmosphere!  What a huge learning opportunity for the children.


Threading in Nature

Threading is a great tool to assist hand-eye co-ordination.

Rather than using paper & card, we often give the children exciting media to explore, including wire racks & leaves, as seen below. The conversations that followed this shot were of healthy plants & what they need to grow & what keeps us healthy & growing too.

Great concentration shown here


Transporting Uphill

How can we transport the sand from the bottom of our ramp to the top, with minimum spillage?

This question was given to our children & they were happy to locate resources to aid their mission. Their team work, conversational & listening skills & determination were all put to the test as they worked out the best way to proceed. A wonderful snapshot of their challenge shows various stages of the process.

Well done for your persistance