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    Child Supervision policy

    In an emergency situation staff can use the garden doorbell to
    alert their colleagues for help.
    If using the front garden for outside play a staff member must
    ensure the front gate is blocked to prevent it from being opened
    by an inside intercom. This needs to be removed when leaving
    the front garden, once the children have vacated the area.
    Should a visitor come to the front gate while the front garden is
    in use then the staff member must be on hand to open and close
    the gate to ensure the children remain safely inside.
    When using the front garden the front door must remain
    unlocked (but closed) so that staff are able to get back into the
    building safely. At all other times the front door must remain
    Staff must be aware of where the children are within the garden
    at all times and ensure they remain off the fences.
    As children free-flow between the inside and outside areas the
    garden register must be updated to ensure staff are fully aware
    of the children they are responsible for outside and so ratios can
    be maintained.
    If there are not sufficient staff to be able to monitor both garden
    areas then only one must be used at a time.
    When staff send children out to the garden they must verbally
    inform staff in the garden that another child has joined them and
    ensure the staff have heard them clearly. The garden intercom
    can be used.
    When leaving the garden all equipment must be packed away or
    tided sufficiently so the garden is safe for the next group of
    children. This also ensure children have a sound understanding
    that they must care for their pre-school equipment.
    Children must be counted back in to preschool using the garden
    register. Once all children are back inside and the door locked
    staff can check that all children are back inside and delete from
    the garden register.
    Café and lunch time
    When children are eating at café or lunch staff must ensure they
    are close by and monitoring all children closely to ensure the
    children’s safety.
    When using the kitchen, Blue Room and Green Room for lunch
    time they must be treated as individual areas and have a
    minimum of one staff member present in each area.
    After children have finished eating they must be encouraged to
    pack away their lunch and place their lunch box in the lunch bag
    and their drinks bottle in the bottle box. Children will then be
    given reading books while they wait for their friends to finish.
    Sleeping or unwell children
    Pre-school does not have facilities for children to sleep and as a
    rule children who have fallen asleep must be collected to nap at
    home, at the discretion of the management staff.
    However in the event that a child does fall asleep or becomes
    unwell staff must place them on the cushions to ensure they are
    comfortable and stay with them to ensure they are closely
    monitored until their parents/carers arrive.
    Toileting and nappy changing
    Whilst we encourage children to become independent, ready for
    school, we recognise that our children are still learning to use the
    toilet and clean themselves sufficiently.
    When children ask to use the toilet staff must access if they are
    able to do so independently or still require support with clothing
    and cleaning of themselves.
    When children are using the toilet staff must remain close by so
    children are either within sight or sound at all times.
    Staff must always ensure that the main bathroom doors stay
    open when changing nappies or children are using the toilet.
    When an adult needs to use the toilet the main bathroom door
    must be closed and locked. When coming out of the toilet the
    lock must be turned fully round so it sticks out from the door
    frame to ensure the main door cannot accidentally close when a
    child is in the bathroom.
    Walks around the village
    When going out for walks around the village there must be two
    staff present at any time.
    A record of which children and staff have left the building must
    be logged on a walks and crafts list and attached to the register
    The outings policy must be followed at all times.
    This policy was adopted by West Wycombe Pre-school Playgroup in
    January 2020.
    Policies are updated when necessary and reviewed on a
    yearly basis.
    Annual review: January 2024