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    Behaviour Management Policy

    Behaviour Management Policy

    Statement of Intent

    This policy sets out the practice used by staff and volunteers to appropriately manage the behaviour of young children within the setting ensuring they are kept safe at all times.


    We aim to ensure that the children are kept safe within the setting but also that they are supported in understanding what is acceptable behaviour and how to deal with their emotions whilst following the rules and boundaries for the setting.

    Methods Used to Promote Positive Behaviour

    • Children are involved in the process of setting the rules for the setting to support their understanding of how to stay safe. Registration and Mat time are used to discuss each rule and the implications of not following this rule during pre-school.

    The children’s chosen rules are displayed around the setting so children are reminded of them and to prompt discussion.

    • As per our Code of Conduct Policy staff role model positive behaviour to the children and we believe this is one of the most effective ways that children learn.
    • Children’s positive behaviour is celebrated within the setting so children are encouraged to imitate their peers. WOW stickers are used in the setting when children demonstrate kind, friendly and caring behaviour to reinforce the importance of these social skills.
    • Children are encouraged to talk about their feelings. Activities that promote this vocabulary are provided for the children so they can learn to express themselves and how they feel through their words instead of actions.

    Methods Used to Support Children Who Demonstrate Unwanted Behaviour

    ?       Staff at West Wycombe Pre-School understand that managing behaviour is difficult for children of a young age and therefore work to support children through their developing understanding.

    ?       If an incident occurs staff come down to the child’s level and calmly explain in an age appropriate way why their behaviour is not acceptable and how it may make them or their peers feel.

    ?       Staff discuss the implications of negative behaviour within the setting and how it could put themselves or their peers in danger. This in turn supports children’s developing understanding of risk taking and staying safe as per the EYFS requirements.

    ?       If children continue to demonstrate negative behaviour they are encouraged to participate in a more relaxed activity that will enable them to calm down and reflect upon their behaviour.

    ?       The setting uses an STAR or ABC chart to track any negative behaviour demonstrated to enable them to identify the triggers for each incident. This is discussed with parents so positive behaviour methods put into place are used by the setting and home.

    ?       If the child continues to display extreme negative behaviour despite the settings intervention a referral would be made to Bucks County Council Inclusion Team.

    ?       A visit would be made to the setting by the Inclusion Officer who would then either advise parents/setting of further intervention measures.

    ?       The family/child may be signposted to an outside agency by Pre-schools behaviour management officer for additional support beyond of the setting.

    ?       Where the child is displaying behaviour which poses an immediate threat of harm or injury to another child/staff within the setting physical intervention may be used for everyone’s safety including the child.

    ?       In the unlikely event of this happening the situation must be logged on an incident form, signed by any witnesses to the event and reported immediately to parents of the child.

    ?       Where peer on peer bullying is identified within the setting parents are informed of the situation and the setting aims to support them through discussions with the children of positive behaviour. The setting will closely monitor the situation and signpost the family to an outside support agency if needed.

    ?       As per standard OFSTED regulations Staff must not threaten corporal punishment, and must not use or threaten any punishment which could adversely affect a child’s wellbeing.

    ?       If staff/parents have any concerns regarding behaviour management within the setting they must refer to the settings Child Protection Policy for reporting measures.

    Our Behaviour Officer is Sarah Gowers

    This policy was adopted by West Wycombe Pre-school Playgroup in October 2010 and updated when necessary reviewed on a yearly basis.

    Reviewed August 2023