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    Fees and Payment Policy

    Fees & Payment Policy

    Statement of Intent

    West Wycombe Pre-School is a registered charity and one of our financial aims is to ensure we do not make a loss at the end of the year. Each year the budget is carefully planned according to the number of children we have and the fee’s that we will charge for the year to cover building rent, insurances, staff wages along with all the other expenditure. The aim of our Pre-School is to provide a service to local children and families, not to make a profit.  However, this aim can only be fulfilled if we have enough income to cover our outgoings. We will never take any action against a child, including, but not limited to, exclusion or discriminatory treatment, due to parent/guardian’s genuine inability to pay fees.  We will however pursue parents for full payment of fees if genuine financial hardship is not demonstrated.  We aim to collect due fees as efficiently as possible.


    To outline and ensure parents understand the terms and conditions when their child attends West Wycombe Pre-school in regards to the invoices they will receive and the payments they are required to make. 

    Terms & Conditions

    Payment Procedure

    • Invoices will be created by the Treasurer and provided via email or in your child’s tray during the first week of the new term. 
    • The payment of ½ term (as detailed on your invoice) is required within 2 weeks of receiving the invoice. 
    • Fees are preferred in full at the beginning of each term
    • Payment can be made by Cash, Cheque, BACS Transfer or Childcare Vouchers. 
    • There is a deposit of £30 to secure a child’s placement with us. 
    • Those eligible for Flexible Free Entitlement will have no invoice, unless exceeding their entitlement of free hours. Extra hours will be invoiced for. 
    • Flexible Free Entitlement is applicable from the term after the child’s 3rd birthday or should the child be eligible for funding at 2 years old if there is a space at the pre-school. An eligibility code will need to be seen, along with the entitlement letter
    • Unfunded hours will be charged at a rate of £21 per session.  
    • A parent/provider agreement form must be signed to claim Flexible Free Entitlement. If funding is split between other providers, details must be completed on the parent/provider agreement form.
    • Minimum session time is 3 hours, maximum 6 hours. Within the operating hours of 9-3 Monday to Friday, term time only

    Difficulty Making Payment

    • The pre-school will be sympathetic to parents/carers who are having or who anticipate having difficulty in paying and it may be possible to arrange an individual payment plan. However, this must be negotiated between the Pre-School Chair/Treasurer, Manager and Parent/Carer in advance. Any family in this situation should contact the Manager or Chair/Treasurer at the earliest opportunity to arrange a confidential meeting. Any information will be treated in the strictest confidence. 

    Unpaid Fee’s

    • If payment of fees is not received within 14 days from the invoices being provided, a 1st reminder e-mail will be sent to the designated parent/carer and a letter will be place in your child’s drawer which will detail when the fee payment was due and the total fee amount overdue. 
    • Under the terms and conditions pre-school reserve the right to charge a £20 admin fee on top of late fees. 
    • If payment is still not received within a further 7 days from the 1st reminder and the parent / carer has not discussed payment of the outstanding amount, the child whose fees remain outstanding may be refused entry to pre-school until such fees are settled in full. This may result in you forfeiting your child’s place at pre-school and the opening will go to another child on our waiting list. 
    • If the fees due remains outstanding for a further 14 days, a recorded delivery letter will be sent to the designated parent/carer advising that legal action will be taken and collection of the fees will be pursued through the small claims court procedure or by other litigation.
    • Application to the small claims court is a last resort which will only be undertaken when all other approaches have been tried, when the Management Committee is confident such action does not contravene other stated aims and policies of the Pre-School, and when they have carefully considered the effect of such action on the child.

    Absence / Illness

    • Fees are not refunded for any days missed due to holidays or absence during term time. 


    • In the event that pre-school must close due to things beyond our control such as snow, no heating etc, fees will not be refunded unless it is for more than 2 consecutive days. Please see adverse weather policy.

    Cancellation of reserved place

    • In the event that you wish to cancel your child’s place at pre-school, please give us a minimum of half a terms notice in advance. You will not be refunded if the term has already commenced.

    This policy was adopted by West Wycombe Pre-school Playgroup in October 2013.  Policies are updated when necessary and reviewed on a yearly basis.

    Reviewed and amended October 2021