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    Internet Policy

    Internet Policy

    Statement of Intent

    Our preschool uses the internet during pre-school hours. We recognise that this could if misused cause a safeguarding incident and therefor have this policy in place to protect the children within our setting and outline the correct procedure for its use.


    To outline the responsibilities of staff, committee members, parents and volunteers that use the internet within the School House during pre-schools opening hours.


    • Children may only be present during the use of the internet when it is for educational purposes such as looking up information or images relating to the children’s learning. In which case more than one staff member must be present for the activity.
    • Staff may use the internet to access music to be played to the children as long as it is appropriate.
    • Staff may use the internet to upload photos and videos and observations of children onto the Parent shared portal Tapestry, only.
    • Staff and committee members are only permitted to engage in any activities on the internet such as social networking websites or logging into their own internet accounts when in the office, on their designated break.
    • Uploading any photos / videos of pupils or work related information to these sites would be breaching the confidentiality policy and is not permitted.
    • If staff, committee members or parents have any concerns as to the use of this device then the safeguarding procedure must be followed.
    • Staff are welcome to use the pre-school wifi when in the office on their breaks however they must only use personal content on their own mobile phones and not download any pre-school documents or send or save any pre-school images, other than when using the Prschool’s google drive.

    Our designated IT supervisor is Dee Dee Blake.


    This policy was adopted by West Wycombe Pre-school in October 2018. 

    Policies are updated when necessary and reviewed on a yearly basis.

    Reviewed and amended August 2023