Outings Policy

Outings Policy

Statement of Intent

Our Pre-school believes that delivering the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum is enhanced by making planned outings that provide unique experiences with regard to the Early Learning Goals.


To ensure all children can access a wealth of experience whilst remaining safe.


·         Local outings/walks within the community occur regularly, parents are notified via weekly updates and signed consent is obtained on registration forms.

·         Outings will be arranged on varying days to allow all children to access the experiences.

·         Ratios are determined by children’s age and stage of development.

·         A full risk assessment is undertaken before any off-site visit. Children will never be put at risk.

·         Children will be regularly counted and checked against the daily register.

·         A first aid kit will be taken on every outing and a qualified first aider will always be within the group. Any specialist medication will also be carried.

·         The Pre-school mobile phone which contains emergency contact telephone numbers will be carried at all times and at least one member of staff will be encouraged to take their own mobile for emergency use only.

·       All parents should note the pre-school emergency phone number is 07767422307 This is the number which will call parents if children have had an emergency situation whilst out or due to a fire.

·         Parents will be required to sign a consent form for major trips and will be notified of items that the children may be required to bring.

·         Permission for day to day walks will be obtained via each child’s admission record forms.

This policy was adopted by West Wycombe Pre-school Playgroup in October 2013.  Policies are updated when necessary and reviewed on a yearly basis.

Reviewed and amended September 2019