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    Safe Arrival and Departure of Children and Visitors Policy

    However we understand the need may arise for parents to settle their
    children and you are welcome to come in to pre-school if your child
    requires support or you need to speak with their keyworker/pre-school
    Any parents who have come in to settle children must then leave by the
    front door ensuring that a staff member has let them out to guarantee the
    door is closed fully behind them.
    Parents and children MUST NOT
    open the pre-school door to ensure the safety of all children
    within the setting.
    The doors will be closed at 09:15. Parents arriving later than this must use
    the intercom to alert staff of their arrival. Once all parents have left the
    building and all outside doors are secured then the children’s class
    registration/mat time can begin.
    If children are in the process of moving up or down the stairs parents
    arriving with children will be asked to wait outside. The door cannot be
    opened if the children are near the door or on the stairs as staff’s priority
    in that moment is to safely support the children on the stairs. Once the
    children are in the rooms the door will be opened to let parents/visitors
    come in.
    Safe Departure of Children
    After our end of day group sessions the children will be asked to sit on the
    carpet area. Once we have sung our goodbye song the staff deploy
    themselves so the front door and
    front gate
    is covered. All additional staff
    must stay with the children to ensure their close supervision whilst the
    doors are open. Children will be required to stay on the carpet until their
    name is called. They may then go to the person collecting them. The staff
    member on the entrance door must sign out each child that is collected
    and no adult will be allowed to enter the building unless the child they are
    there to collect has been signed off on the pre-school register. If an adult
    arrives to collect a child that is not someone who would usually collect
    then staff will check the collections log book for parental consent. If
    parents have not signed the log book the child will not be released into
    the adults care. Parents must be contacted to collect the child or provide
    verbal consent. A log of any conversations with parents regarding safe
    collections will be kept within the settings incident file. Children staying
    for the afternoon session will be upstairs preparing for lunch time with
    When all morning children have been collected the register must be
    checked again to ensure all children have been signed out correctly.
    At 12,0clock the children attending the afternoon session must be signed
    in on the afternoon register to ensure everyone is present. The same exit
    procedure must be carried out at the end of an afternoon to ensure the
    children’s safety.
    Visitors to the Setting
    If a visitor arrives at the setting their identification must be checked to
    verify who they are, if needs be their office can be phoned to verify their
    identity. Whilst their identity is being verified the visitor
    outside of the building.
    Once their identification has been verified they can be let into the building
    .The pre-school manager needs to be informed when any visitor has
    arrived. All visitors MUST sign in to the visitors log. The front door will
    need to be secured behind the visitor by the staff member who has let
    them in.
    Staff must enquire if the visitor has a mobile phone or electrical
    equipment in their personal belongings. Any mobile phones go into the
    phone box in the hallway and electrical equipment must have any camera
    on it covered by a white sticker.
    All personal belongings of the visitor must
    remain in the office away from the children.
    Visitors must be accompanied by a staff member at all times when in the
    setting and if coming into the setting to work directly with the children
    they must present a full enhanced DBS certificate which is relevant to the
    childcare workforce sector. A photocopy of their DBS must be obtained
    and filed within the DBS section of the filling cabernet for future reference.
    When the visit is finished the visitor must sign out on the log book and be
    escorted from the building. Staff will need to ensure the front door is
    locked after the visitor has left the building.
    Lock Down Procedure
    In the event that a visitor to the setting is attempting to gain entry
    without permission, staff must calmly move all children to the upstairs
    rooms ensuring they have checked the bathrooms and garden. The key
    phrase to alert all staff is “
    Peanut Butter Sandwiches
    ”. The children will
    remain upstairs & the classroom doors will be locked once inside so that if
    anyone gains access to the building the children are secure. If staff are
    not able to get the children upstairs they will lock themselves and the
    children in the toilet cubicles or the outside store room. If they are outside
    and unable to safely come inside they will be escorted to West Wycombe
    School for refuge.
    Staff must telephone the police on 999 for assistance
    and remain upstairs until the police arrive. Once the police have dealt with
    the intruder all parents must be contacted and asked to collect their
    children immediately. The staff must write witness accounts and hand
    them to the police with a copy of all accounts being kept on file in the
    settings Safeguarding File. The settings Manager will then report the
    incident to OFSTED within 24 hours.
    The setting operates from a rented building and therefore note all key
    holders to the building. A copy of all key holders are kept on file.
    This policy was adopted by West Wycombe Pre-school in January 2016.
    Policies are updated when necessary and reviewed on a yearly basis.
    Reviewed and amended January 2024