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    Social Networking Policy

    Social Networking Policy

    Statement of Intent

    Our preschool recognises that staff, committee members, parents, and carers use the internet and social networking websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Myspace and Blogs etc. for personal purposes. We recognize that using these sites have become a prevalent method of self expression and communicating to the wider community. Whilst staff, parents and carers are welcome to use the internet in this way, they must insure that they do not breach confidentiality or the methods outlined below.


    To outline the responsibilities of staff, committee members, parents and volunteers that use the internet and social networking websites when discussing matters relating to West Wycombe Preschool (WWPS).


    • Under no circumstances should staff, committee members or parents disclose any personal or confidential matters relating to West Wycombe Preschool, its staff, its pupils or their families.
    • Staff and committee members are not permitted to engage in any activities on the internet or social networking websites which may harm the welfare of children or adults in connection to West Wycombe Pre-School.
    • Uploading any photos / videos of pupils or work related information to these sites would be breaching the confidentiality policy and is not permitted.
    • Staff and committee members must not discuss any issues relating to the preschool in a defamatory manner. The only time West Wycombe Pre-School should be discussed on personal pages is for positive advertising and encouraging community support of the preschool and its fundraising and public events.
    • Staff are not encouraged to add parents as friendships on social networking websites. If however they mutually decide to form an online friendship, than a professional relationship must be maintained and must not reference to the preschools work or children in any way. Ideally staff/parents should use the West Wycombe Preschool Facebook page thus maintaining a professional relationship.
    •  Preschools own Facebook page is to be administrated by the manager, deputy and the committee Chair. It is purely for advertising and promoting the preschool and its events.
    • It is recommended that your personal pages are set with the strictest privacy settings. This can normally be done by going into your privacy settings and changing the default to private or friends only.
    • Messages relating to the children’s development, welfare and attendance should be communicated through the pre-school email wwpspg@gmail.com or the pre-school telephone number 01494438996. Never staff’s private telephone numbers or social media accounts.
    • Please remember that nothing is completely private on social networking sites/the internet and caution and common sense must be used before uploading any comments. If anyone believes something has been written which gives rise to concern within this social networking policy, or any other policy, this must be discussed privately with the Manager or Chair of the committee. Please follow the complaints procedure.

    This policy was adopted by West Wycombe Pre-school Playgroup in October 2013.  Policies are updated when necessary and reviewed on a yearly basis.

    Reviewed August 2023