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    Fire Drill Procedure

    In the event of a fire breaking out at pre-school the alarm will be raised by a member of staff. This is a loud continuous alarm which will sound around the entire pre-school building and within the garden.

    All staff MUST follow the outlined procedure set out below:

    • Each staff member is responsible for evacuating the area in which they are working at the time, including bathrooms and outside areas.
    • The Health and Safety Officer or staff member in charge of the setting will get the evacuation bag, the register and mobile phone if safe to do so. All life saving medicines MUST be collected if possible to do so & taken to the meeting point
    • All staff and children are to evacuate the building calmly and quickly through the nearest fire exit.
    • If positioned in the garden staff MUST evacuate through the garden gate and out on to the driveway.
    • Once on the driveway all staff are to supervise the children. Coloured hoops on a rope will be taken from the evacuation bag and all children must be asked to hold these hoops.
    • The children will then be carefully walked down into the neighbouring car park on Church lane.
    • Staff will walk the children with one adult at each end of the line of children and as many supervising as possible.
    • The health and safety officer or person in charge of the setting will complete the register.
    • If the first point of safety is not far enough from the fire then the children must be walked to West Wycombe Primary school hall.
    • Staff must dial 999 and request emergency services be sent to pre-school for a fire evacuation.
    • A nominated member of staff will be sent to wait by the road side on Church Lane to assist the emergency services.
    • Parents will be contact to arrange immediate collection of their children from the school hall.
    • A full report will be written by staff and submitted to OFSTED.

    This policy was adopted by West Wycombe Pre-school Playgroup in October 2010 and updated when necessary reviewed on a yearly basis.

    Reviewed August 2023