Staff Lockdown Procedure

Staff lockdown procedure


  • In the event of a lockdown, the alarm will be raised by a member of staff.
  • Each member of staff is responsible for evacuating the area in which they are working at the time, including toilets, side rooms, stairwells & outside areas
  • The health & safety officer/person in charge will get the evacuation bag containing a copy of the register & a mobile phone
  • All children & staff are to come into the building & proceed up to the first floor, with staff members locking the main doors & windows behind them
  • To prevent the children becoming frightened staff will use the phrase “Story time upstairs”
  • The Health & safety officer/person in charge will take a head count & if need be do a final sweep of the building
  • The children are to be divided into 2 classrooms, supervised by members of staff who will lock the doors behind them using keys hanging behind the doors.
  • The children are to be seated on the floor, as far away from the windows as possible. Staff will close the windows & blinds & keep the children as quiet as possible.
  • Children will be occupied with stories and kept calm.
  • Dial 999 to request emergency services.
  • When it is safe to evacuate the building, on guidance from the emergency services, the children are to be evacuated using the nearest available fire exit
  • Children will be walked to West Wycombe School which will be our place of safety
  • Health & safety officer/person in charge to take register
  • Nominated member of staff to phone parents/carers for immediate collection