Sick Child Policy

Sick Child Policy

Statement of Intent

We believe that children learn and develop to their full potential when they are feeling well and healthy.


·         To provide a healthy environment free of illness and infectious diseases.

·         To prevent the spread of any illness or infectious diseases.


·         With regard to illnesses and infectious diseases requiring an exclusion period from Pre-school, please contact your GP. If in doubt of your child’s well-being keep them at home.

·         Pre-school must be informed of any absence due to illness so that we can inform other parents and carers in order that they can observe their own children but we will respect confidentiality by not identifying the child(ren) concerned.

·         Ofsted is notified if we have reason to believe that any child is suffering from a notifiable disease identified as such in the Public Health (Infection Diseases) Regulations 1988

·         If a child becomes unwell at Pre-school, a designated member of staff will make them comfortable in a quiet area and monitor their well-being and ensure their privacy is maintained.

·         Their temperature will be taken and noted to inform parents.

·         Parent/carer contact details are checked annually (usually September). The importance of keeping details up to date is communicated via half termly newsletters

·         Another member of staff will contact the parents/carer or nominated person using telephone numbers provided on the child’s registration forms. We will request the child be collected as soon as possible and notify of symptoms and temperature.

·         If emergency treatment is required 999 will be called in the first instance. The parents will then be contacted. A member of staff will accompany the child to hospital and act on behalf of the parents if required. A full report will be written and a copy sent to relevant bodies.

·         In the case of minor accidents the first aider will treat the child and details will be recorded on an individual page in the accident book. Parents will be made aware of their child’s accident when they collect their child. They will be asked to sign the record of the accident.

·         Our inclusive admissions practice ensures equality of access and opportunity for children with long term illness.

·         If children do need to be absent from pre-school to stop the spread of infection to others we will notify parents.

·         Any infectious diseases or viruses that have been identified will be communicated to all parents via email and a note on the door.

·         Our advice for exclusion periods is taken from the Department for Health and the NHS.

·         Please note for any cases of diarrhea or sickness children must stay at home for 48 hours from the last bought of diarrhea or sickness. 

This policy was adopted by West Wycombe Pre-school in October 2013.  Policies are updated when necessary and reviewed on a yearly basis.

Reviewed and amended September 2018