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    Mental Health Policy

    Children’s Mental Health Policy

    Statement of Intent                                                                                                            

    It is our aim to support every aspect of a child’s well being including their mental health


    To support every aspect of well being

    Methods Used to Promote Positive Mental Health

    • Children are involved in the process of setting the rules for the setting to support their understanding of how to stay safe. Registration and Mat time are used to discuss each rule and the implications of not following this rule during pre-school. 
    • As per our Code of Conduct Policy staff role model positive behaviour to the children and we believe this is one of the most effective ways that children learn. 
    • Children’s positive behaviour is celebrated within the setting so children are encouraged to imitate their peers. WOW stickers are used in the setting when children demonstrate kind, friendly and caring behaviour to reinforce the importance of these social skills.
    • Children are encouraged to talk about their feelings. Activities that promote this vocabulary are provided for the children so they can learn to express themselves and how they feel through their words instead of actions. 
    • The setting uses a Play and Learning to Socialise (PALS) programme with the children which supports their developing understanding of social skills using fun activities with puppets in a small group. 
    • Through our PALS programme children learn how best to respond in social situations such as turn taking, conflict over resources and building their own self confidence. 
    • Our open door policy is extended to the families, parents and staff of those children at West Wycombe Preschool. We encourage anyone who may require additional support in any way to engage with us so that we can ensure the best support is provided.
    • Our named Wellbeing Officer is Sarah Gowers who is available to talk to about any aspect of concern that might affect the well being of the children in your care.

    Methods Used to Support Children Who Demonstrate Anxiety in the setting or at Home

    • Staff at West Wycombe Preschool understand that children who may be struggling with their mental health can often exhibit their feelings through challenging behaviour. Refer to our Behaviour Policy for information and guidance on working with those who are exhibiting negative behaviour.
    • Staff at West Wycombe Preschool understand that managing behaviour is difficult for children of a young age and therefore work to support children through their developing understanding.
    • Where a need is identified staff at West Wycombe Preschool will endeavor to help support each child with their individual need. We will work alongside the child’s family and Key Worker to provide additional support and strategies to help to reduce any anxieties, concerns or challenging behaviour where possible.

    This policy was adopted by West Wycombe Pre-school Playgroup in January 2020 and updated when necessary reviewed on a yearly basis. 

    Last reviewed September 2023