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    – Working from Home Policy

    Working from Home Policy


    Policy Statement

    West Wycombe Pre-School promotes flexible working for its staff to complete administration tasks when appropriate, where appropriate and at its absolute discretion. West Wycombe Pre-School will agree to an employee working wholly or partly from home, provided that such an arrangement is suitable and is likely to achieve effective and efficient working by the employee. The provision of home working plays an important part in making it possible to attract and retain the best possible staff.

    Home working criteria:

    West Wycombe Pre-School will consider the extent to which the employee holds the right personal qualities and skills suitable for home working in accordance with the following non-exhaustive criteria:

    • Self-discipline and motivation
    • The ability to work without direct supervision
    • Level of experience
    • Organisational skills
    • The ability to manage time effectively and meet deadlines
    • The ability to cope with the potentially conflicting demands of work and family
    • General reliability, attendance and timekeeping record
    • Disciplinary record.

    West Wycombe Pre-School reserves the right to amend the criteria at any stage as the operational needs of the charity dictate. The criteria will also be used to monitor the continued viability of home working.

    Work and caring commitments  

    Home workers must separate domestic and work activities as far as is practicably possible. Employees with caring responsibilities will be required to demonstrate that the care arrangements for the dependant person do not conflict with work activities. The employee’s Manager or Committee Chair person must be informed as soon as reasonably possible of any changes to caring arrangements that have implications for the work being undertaken from home.

    Due to the nature of childcare records, lists of names and addresses of children and other records must not be left unattended at home. Permission has been obtained by OFSTED for children’s file’s to be stored and worked on at home as and when required.

    Any information precluding to any child can be stored on a password protected PC or memory stick, that when not in use is secure and locked away

    Terms and conditions of service

    Home workers will receive the same terms and conditions of service as office-based employees that carry out the same or similar work. The pre-schools policies and procedures must be followed.

    Matters relating to pre-school must remain confidential and not be shared with individuals of the home workers household.

    Particular considerations

    Home workers are required, on request, to attend the workplace for purposes such as training, performance assessment and appraisals, disciplinary hearings, home visits, staff meetings and other business-related meetings and/or for operational reasons. All travel costs and expenses incurred in attending the workplace will be the responsibility of the employee. The dates and times of such visits will be agreed in advance.

    This policy was adopted by West Wycombe Pre-school Playgroup in October 2017. Policies are updated when necessary and reviewed on a yearly basis.

    Reviewed August 2023